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With Min Jung KANG, Hyung Seok KIM, and Sang Okay KOO

It is about. The sound pitch of male CEOs is an “honest signal of their hormone quality.” we use digitally voice that is analyzed of 167 Wall Street male CEO interviews on CNBC through the 2008 financial meltdown in order to find a negative relationship between your sound pitch of this CEO additionally the chance of the company. Deep-voiced male CEOs were almost certainly going to be fired following the crisis that is financial until 2012. Start to see the situation of Barclays right next! Microstructure occasion research reveals that deeply voiced CEOs’ TV interviews increased stock return volatility transitorily during the moment regarding the interviews.

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Presented at Nanyang company class in Singapore, Deakin University, Asian FA 2018 at Tokyo, KAIST, Seoul nationwide University, Seoul Quant Conference 2017, the University of Michigan – Flint

(with Jen CHANG and Min Jung KANG)

Most useful Paper Award: Asian-Pacific Conference on Global Accounting Problems 2018

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The Greatest Great Gatsby Essay Example For Analyzing

The Greatest Great Gatsby Essay Example For Analyzing

Every US senior high school has Great Gatsby inside their curriculum. You may or may possibly not be tasked with composing an essay based about it there, nevertheless when you progress in your training, entering a tiny college in Oklahoma or trying to get a globe renown destination like Stanford, your are going to be expected to compose the truly amazing Gatsby essay, without doubt about this.

Some styles modification but classics remain exactly that, classics, and they’ve been examined by every generation. Each grade makes it possible to work toward your last aim of graduating with superior grades and having a prestigious position in a expert globe. Therefore, how exactly to compose the very best essay that is literary Great Gatsby?

The Fantastic Gatsby Essay: What Exactly Is It?

The truly amazing Gatsby essay can be a scholastic written piece that details a topic of US Dream therefore the method it is portrayed in Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s novel. Needless to say, you are assigned numerous prompt variants. Essay regarding the Great Gatsby does not suggest that you’ll have actually to spotlight American Dream alone – however, it’ll play a crucial role here some way since it’s novel’s main theme. Read More