These pages talks about my choices with regards to papers that are writing.

It really is more dedicated to paper structuring and collaboration, instead of writing that is lower-level. It’s not supposed to be a golden standard in in any manner, and I also usually do not declare that my choices would be the right solution to do just about anything. This might be mainly designed for my students – particularly, in order to prevent needing to duplicate myself each and every time we begin working having a student that is newprompted by Claire Le Goues’ post some time straight back). Nevertheless, if you discover this information helpful, or desire to make use of a setup that is similar please proceed! I am going to upgrade this when I think about more points (or possibly find reasons that are strong do things an additional way later on).

Setup & Directory Construction

For almost any brand brand new paper we work with, please produce a personal GitHub repository under our GitHub company aided by the after name paper- – . For instance, if I became the primary composer of the paper and about to submit the task to ICSE ‘18, I would personally name it paper-nadi-icse18 . Assume we began taking care of a paper, but nevertheless don’t a venue that is concrete head. If that’s the case, utilize some descriptive expression. For instance, if we were taking care of extracting configuration constraints, the repo title could be paper-nadi-config-constr . Credits: we discovered this naming strategy within my time at TU Darmstadt and discovered it quite of good use, since typically a combined team’s GitHub company could have a mixture of paper repos, code repos, grant repos etc. Having some fixed prefix for documents made them better to spot.

We shall compose all documents making use of LaTeX. In the event that you don’t understand LaTeX, now could be the time and energy to discover.

When we are targetting a conference that is specific be sure to have the right template when it comes to meeting. Read More