IMBRA – International Marriage Broker Regulation Act

The Global Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005, also referred to as IMBRA, is really a statutory law that has been enacted to cut back punishment of marriage-based visa recipients. It adds a safeguards that are few the assessment procedure that are meant to protect both the visa applicant and U.S. petitioner.

Key Conditions of IMBRA

1. Mandating Criminal Background Checks

IMBRA mandates that every U.S. petitioners obtain a history check and therefore the criminal background is disclosed into the visa applicant, no matter what the petitioner’s wishes.

2. Offering Marriage Broker Disclosure

IMBRA requires the petitioner to disclose to USCIS that she or he came across their fiance with an IMB. In the event that IMB you utilize does meet that is n’t standards, you are rejected.

3. Stopping Serial Petitioners

IMBRA limits the amount of K1 visas A u.s. that is individual petitioner make an application for inside their life time to two. This lifetime restriction does not connect with spousal visas.

4. Disqualifying petitioners that are abusive

IMBRA mandates that when a petitioner has an archive of particular violent or intimate crimes, they truly are instantly disqualified from petitioning. Read More