For Mail-Order – Layli Miller-Muro isn’t down on love. She does hate that is n’t, and she doesn’t like to avoid them from following their hearts—even to many other nations.

But she does desire to be sure that international ladies who meet US husbands through on line matchmaking services—self-described international marriage brokers—aren’t mistreated, enslaved or caught in difficult circumstances.

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As founder and professional manager of Tahirih Justice Center—a wom­en’s rights company based just outside Washington, D.C., in Falls Church, Va.—Miller-Muro fights when it comes to liberties of mail-order brides.

Most somewhat, Miller-Muro assisted writer the Overseas Marriage Broker Regulation Act, that has been finalized into legislation in 2006. The work is made to alert would-be brides to Lotharios masquerading as Romeos. Read More